Risk and Safety Management in Physical Education: Teachers’ Perceptions

My PhD-student, Lise Porsanger, and I have published a paper on Teachers’ perceptions of risk and safety management in the school subject physical education.

Abstract: Bodily movement is a central component in students’ educational experiences in school-based physical education (PE) programs. PE unavoidably involves physical risk. In some respects, the risk of play, sports and adventure is portrayed as necessary and healthy for children’s development. However, concerns about students’ safety and teachers’ liability might generate risk aversion among teachers. This article explores teachers’ perceptions of risk and safety management (RSM) in PE. Designed as a mixed methods study, the data include an online survey questionnaire (n = 698) and semi-structured interviews (n = 17) among primary and lower secondary PE teachers in Norway. A majority of the survey respondents report that their students only experience minor injuries in their PE classes. The interview data coincide with these results and indicate that minor injuries are rather common. While the survey results show that teachers mostly perceive RSM to be important in PE, the interview data suggest that the teachers’ perceptions of risk are characterized by uncertainty, which restricts the teachers’ control by means of RSM. Teachers also accept risk for enhancing students’ educative experiences in PE. Consequently, this study contributes to the knowledge of the complexity of risk and teachers’ perceptions of RSM in PE.

Find the full text article here: Porsanger, L., & Sandseter, E. B. H. (2021). Risk and Safety Management in Physical Education: Teachers’ Perceptions. Education Sciences, 11(7), 321. https://www.mdpi.com/2227-7102/11/7/321

Ellen 🙂

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