Children’s well-being and participation in ECEC

The overall aim of this study was to find children’s own perspective and experiences of participation and well-being in kindergarten. The project is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. You can read the report (in Norwegian) HERE

You can also find three articles from the project published here:

The data collections in the project included

  • Questionnaires (electronic) with 171 children aged 4-6 were completed by the researcher during a conversation with each child
  • Qualitative in-depth interview conducted with 18 children aged 4-6 years
  • Observations of 18 children, 1-2 year olds

Project group:

Åse Bratterud, NTNU, Trondheim (Project manager)

Ellen Beate H. Sandseter, Queen Maud University College, Trondheim

Monica Seland, Queen Maud University College, Trondheim

3 master students


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