Report published in the SEED project

In the Erasmus+ project SEED (Social and Emotional Education and Development: upscaling awareness and skills in ECEC practice) we have published the report on our screening of psychosocial well-being of 5-year-old children in Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, the Netherlands and Norway.

Here are links to the FULL REPORT and the SUMMARY REPORT

If you want to read more about the project you can find more information HERE




2 thoughts on “Report published in the SEED project

  1. Hi Ellen. Congratulations on your fine work. I have been involved in these kinds of issues for over 60 years. If you wish to be in touch you can see some of my work under and There will also be some stuff about me and my playworks under my name Garfield Pennington on the web.
    I would certainly welcome some communication and the prospect of collaboration. I should add that I continue to work and play at my old elementary school where we initiated a ‘Playful School Project’ that has been highly successful except for institutional indifference and resistance.
    All good wishes. Playfully yours,
    Garfield Pennington, Associate Professor Emeritus, University of BC


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