Risky play in the new Framework plan for ECEC in Norway

In August 2017 a new Framework plan for Kindergartens (ECEC) in Norway was implemented. One of the new things in the plan, compared to the last one, was an even stronger emphasis on the importance of risky play.

See an English version of the Framework plan HERE

As you can see under Learning area Body, movement, food and health on page 49, the plan particularly points out that “By engaging with the human body, food and health, kindergartens shall help the children to…(…)…evaluate and master risky play through physical challenges“, and “The staff shall…(…)…be proactive and present, support and challenge the children to engage in physical play and acknowledge their achievements“. It also have important phrases such as “(…help children to)…experience well-being, joy and achievement through a variety of physical activities, indoors and out, all year round” and “(…help children to)…continue to develop their motor skills, body control, co-ordination and physical capabilities

I am looking forward to how the ECEC institutions in Norway will continue working with this in the future. It is for sure an important back up from the Ministry of Education and Research for institutions struggling with outside pressure to remove all risk, challenge and fun for their children!




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