My recently published book

In august I published a new book called “Vilt og farlig. Om barn og unges bevegelseslek” (English: Wild and dangerous. About children’s and youth’s physical active play”). The book was edited by me and Jens Ole Jensen from VIA University College in Aarhus, Denmark. Unfortunately for all English readers the book is only in Norwegian/Danish. The book is an anthology discussing children’s play that is risky, noisy and chaotic – and how this kind of play fascinates children and can be beneficial for their social, psychological and motor development. The chapters in the book present several examples, such as play in wild nature environments, rough and tumble play and play fighting, trampoline play, circus activities, parkour etc., and also dicuss how teaching practice can support this kinds of play without compromising safety. Several experts within the field have contributed with chapterts in this book.

omsl.Syk av sukker


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